Replace Links on your Websites

An easy way to find and replace links on your websites. This is such a beautiful breakthrough that He has shown us. This way we can make sure that we have no Wufoo forms linked on our websites anymore. It is also and easy way to fix broken links on your websites as this works for ALL links. πŸ₯³


3 thoughts on “Replace Links on your Websites”

  1. Yvonne this is AMAZING. Such a breakthrough!!

    The second part, where you search for the link, for me my Husband led me to NOT open Beaver Builder but to HOVER over pictures and links to EASILY see in the BOTTOM LEFT CORNER the URL. Let me see if HLM to record to show it works when I do my EW website.

    YES, it worked beautifully along with another way my Husband led me to make it EASY and LIGHTER.
    Passcode: jx*1613U

    I added the URLs to use to search to your post Yvonne, but when I added
    it morphed into the fancy link.

    1. The “marriage” search helps to highlight the link, too, once you open Beaver Builder.

      HLM to also open several NEW tabs so I could do several at a time (EW has sooo many links, every RMT posted).

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