Our 💞Mentorship Program was created to help our students advance through the training levels and obtain certification in the ministering course or courses to which they were called, while helping and encouraging other students to advance through their studies. The 💞Mentorship Program is based on Ministry COMMITMENT #5 NO SELFISH AMBITION *Scotland Principle.

Through this program, each student will not only be encouraged to complete their studies, but they will also be able to encourage others to move forward.

  • Each PM has been working with and is a 💞 mentor to an MTR Minister Team Resident—to make the final preparations for their own ministry.
  • Each MTR has been working with and is a 💞 mentor to an MTI Minister Team Intern—to support and guide her to move up and join her as an MTR.
  • Each MTI has been working with and is a 💞 mentor to an MTA Minister Team Apprentice—to support and guide her to move up and join her as an MTI.
  • Each MTA is encouraged to watch for new women who are posting regularly and comment, encouraging them to enroll in IOU and possibly offer to be her mentor.

The student you were assigned to encourage will show up beneath your mini synopsis on the Student 🎓 Body page, denoted by a 💞 rotating heart emoji 💞.

For more detailed information on the 💞Mentorship Program, please watch the following videos:

*Students will be assigned, but if you see a student without a mentor and feel led to mentor her, please let us know by sending an email to: [email protected]