Hello, my name is Adina and I live in South Africa. I am RMI's Vice Chancellor for RMIOU.com. I'm also Ministry Administrator for  Afrikaans and 🇳🇱Dutch.

My restoration journey began when I found RMI after my divorce was already filed. I finally had reached a point where I just gave up on her marriage, but God spoke to me, placing a desire in my heart to believe God for restoration. My Abundant Life Journey began when I found true love at last, and then became the L@L minister.

My passion is helping women in SA and around the world who are suffering— to find the peace and assurance that I found by becoming His bride.

I am currently a Level 3 MTR "Ministry Team Resident" attending RMIOU.
☊ Adina's Audio BIO in English
Adina's Bio in English
Adina's Bio in Afrikaans
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🎓 RMIOU Offers the Following Courses in Ministering:

💔 MM "Marriage Ministers" HopeAtLast.org
💗ALC "Abundant Life Coach" LoveAtLast.org
🪴HGC "HomeGrown Coach" HomeGrownMinistries.com
🌐 MLM "Translation Minister" RestoreMinistriesInternational.com

🎓 RMIOU Offers the Four Levels of Training:

Level 1 MTA "Minister Training Apprentice"
Level 2 MTI "Ministry Team Intern"
Level 3 MTR "Ministry Team Resident"
Level 4 PM "Practicing Minister

To become part of our Student 🎓 Body please enrol here:
IOU: 🎓 QuickStart Enrollment Application

Please visit Licensed Ministry Franchises or RMI's About 📍 page for more information.

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