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Welcome! We are so glad you are taking the first step in building the confidence we often need and what will "enter the Narrow Gate" to Ministering as you enroll in IOU!!

Before filling out this QuickStart Enrollment Application:
1. Be sure that you are protected from the devourer as an Investment Partner (commitment below) that will cover any costs during your university training.
2. Be sure you've followed Steps 1-3 to Becoming a Bridge Builder—then return here to fill out the IOU Enrollment Application.

Please note: Along with a RADIANT picture from Bridge Builder, you will need to attach a clear "headshot" FRONT FACING PICTURE of yourself SMILING to use in your Application File.

This form will enrol you as a student into our online university. Even if you have already done some of the courses, those courses will automatically count as credit. If you have not done any of our courses yet. Now is the time for you to start!

Thank you!

Real Name and Surname
Your Real Name so we know who to associate your BNN with. If you have already completed this, no need to complete it again.
BNN Name and Surname
Visit our website to find your BNN “Brand New Name
Visit our website if you don't know how to setup your “BNN RMI Gmail” Please make sure that this address is correct so your instructor can get in contact with you to introduce themselves.
I am:
If you are male, please visit
List all the languages you speak, separated by a comma, starting with your Home Language.
Do you hold any academic qualifications?
Are you currently working outside the house?
Which Field of Training do you feel called to study?
Which of these courses have you COMPLETED with JOURNALS
Have you completed a Marriage Encouragement Questionnaire?
If you have answered "No", please complete click "Save and Resume Later" and complete a “MEQ (Marriage Encouragement Questionnaire” If you are applying for a Marriage Minister, this is compulsory.
Look at the following guidelines: What led you to RMI? What has RMI and/or Encouraging Woman done and what has it meant to you? How have you and your life changed since learning of the promises and applying the principles from RMI? Why are you interested in becoming a Minister? Who is FIRST in your life? Which resources helped you the most?
Protection & Prosperity
Please visit these pages for more information: tithing and Testimonies about Tithing 
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

Please go to "Radiant Picture" for more information. Please see the following examples:

Please share your number with your country code. Your number will only be used for the WhatsApp group where we share announcements and assignments.
Notify me, please.
We will subscribe you to our notification letter using your email provided in this form. This is in order for you to receive content for ONLY our students. Please make sure to check your spam folder for the confirmation email.

5 thoughts on “IOU: 🎓 QuickStart Enrollment Application”

  1. Hace como un año hice el que había disponible en ese momento, creo que cambio, no recuerdo si en esa fecha de octubre de este año lo hice, y no consigo el email que supongo que se recibe. Sería algo asi como continuar o volver empezar. Si me indicas que hacer, sin problemas puedo llenar nuevamente el formulario, gracias de antemano.

  2. ¡Hola queridas! Llevo 4 días para completar este formulario. El enemigo no quería que lo hiciera, pero en Su tiempo todo se hace. No terminaba de enviarlo porque no me gustaba mi explicación sobre cómo me ha cambiado RMI pues he estado pasando unos días difíciles de ánimo y no salía de mí lo que realmente quería expresar. Así que con paciencia y con Su Amor, con Su Animo -ayer me dio unas palabras tan bonitas mi Amado que escribiré próximamente en en TA- El ha cambiado mi corazón y me ha mostrado la Verdad.

    Con muchas ganas de iniciar esta nueva etapa allí donde me lleve Su Voluntad.

    Hello dear! It took me 4 days to complete this form. The enemy did not want him to do it, but in his time everything is done. I didn’t finish sending it because I didn’t like my explanation about how RMI has changed me because I’ve been going through some difficult days in my mood and what I really wanted to express didn’t come out of me. So with patience and with his Love, with his Encouragement – yesterday my Beloved gave me such beautiful words that I will write soon in TA – He has changed my heart and has shown me the Truth.

    Looking forward to starting this new stage wherever His Will takes me.

    1. Thank you Mira, i am so excited to see your enrolment form and what your Beloved led you to share! If you have any difficulties with the form, please let us know. There is a Save and Resume Later” at the bottom of the form that you can use to safe whatever you have written and give you the option to continue later as your Beloved leads you.

      ¡Gracias Mira, estoy muy emocionada de ver tu formulario de inscripción y lo que tu Amado te llevó a compartir! Si tiene alguna dificultad con el formulario, háganoslo saber. Hay una opción “Guardar y reanudar más tarde” en la parte inferior del formulario que puede usar para guardar todo lo que haya escrito y darle la opción de continuar más tarde según lo guíe su Amado.

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