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  1. wLL 66 “Laugh It Off” ☊ https://loveatlast.org/rf-living-lessons/ This is what I am doing right now! The Zoom recording is STILL processing after an hour. It felt a bit “off” while I was recording, but I will WAIT, we all will need to WAIT, which brings along its own blessing
    I’ll be back tomorrow when His mercies are NEW

    1. Wow, I didn’t know what to expect, but this is way nicer than what I could have thought of or dreamed of myself for sure! I’m not sure if you gave me access or not but the first thing that I was trying to do is just remove a few may be 3-4 that I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t like as much as he like the others.
      After that, I’m not exactly sure where to go from here. So rather than speculate, I’ll wait to hear what my husband says and I’d like to hear. What is your husband telling you we should do next? Really really good work Adina.

      1. Thank you, Erin, I shared it, but I didn’t make you editor, I shared it with you again as editor.
        I will SG, but I would love to hear from the client if there is one of the designs that really stand out for them, and if there are anything they would like to add or change for the specific design, or maybe if there are elements from different designs they would like to see added together.

        1. Excellent! That definitely should be part of the RADD course and two that I would say pick out your top three favorite and why you like them. Let me go remove the few and then you can move the others up.
          I’m also wondering with a client, the Google document is your workspace. My husband remind me going back to the designer for the Encouraging Women logo, and the whole colors scheme, Emma had me come into her very clean sleek office. So let’s SSG where would your virtual office be? A page temp page on Love at last?

          1. Adina, I just got into the document and was able to quickly remove the few that weren’t as good as the others so you can rearrange them. Still SSG where are you want to present them to your client.

    1. Wow, Anastasia, these are extremely creative! As the instructor, because the client wanted black and white, almost all of them, or all of them should be black and white don’t introduce color or if you do introduce it just share one logo that’s already in Black and White in the color option.
      It’s interesting at first I thought Easton would prefer Adina’s simple, cleaner, design. But to be honest I DON’T KNOW. 😂 Easton could actually prefer your design. So now we need to SSG about also presenting your designs too.
      Ahhh thank you DARLING I know what to do about presenting this to the client! Let me follow his lead and I’ll show you.

      1. Thank you for your feedback, Erin. I like the simple, cleaner design of Adina. I was looking for something thin and cleaner but I did not find something like that haha I think it was for her.

        1. My dear Anastasia, I mainly use PowerPoint for logos. I do take elements from Canva like the L@L bride etc., but then I use PowerPoint to enhance them, create the logos and also draw elements (H@L roses and the 33yr logo spiral) myself if I can’t find it in #Canva. I like the ability and freedom to be able to draw and create your own elements that is not available in Canva.

          1. What an answer to prayer! Yesterday while working on https://rmiou.com/radd/portfolios/ I asked my Husband about the tools you both were using and there you go, you’ll see I added a 4th column, what you’re TRAINED in, what you use for RADD, which is primarily or exclusively LOGOS and Book Covers.

    2. I was locked out of your document (made a copy for access) so be sure, when working with a client, to at least allow comments. As a student, please add it to the RADD folder so we all can work together. This is what I’m working on, the vision I had to show ALL your work. https://rmiou.com/radd-portfolios/

      1. I think Google has a problem today because I had trouble with the log in many times, it says I need to log in while I was in Drive. Must I make you the owner of the document first to save it on your Drive Folder?
        I updated the portfolio: https://rmiou.com/radd-portfolios/

      2. Erin, I have a question about the #8 video for the final logo. Must I record it when your son chooses the logo, right? Because you talked about the “finished product”.
        I am asking because I am a little confused after reading your notes in my GD “HERE Write your script, record a short video, and upload it to your YouTube channel that I will share with Easton. Be sure to resolve all comments”
        Thank you 🙂

        1. The video was just supposed to be a quick video showing the all logos. That is what I thought would be really professional and easy for the client. But Easton said that she works in Google documents all the time and so I can just send him the link to take a look.
          Update: HLM to send both, and the default was actually a PDF —so easy to open and enlarge to be able to see each one— which I wasn’t able to do when it was in the shared document access.
          My son actually had a huge breakthrough yesterday, so I know that he is quite busy but we know his timing is perfect. I will keep you posted when I hear from him.

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