PART 2 IOU WordPress 1-8 Shorts

Video 1 “Zoom” 7:36 In this video, Erin shares her experience using a headset to record a video without a headset after her laptop slid off the couch and bent the plug, preventing her from recording. She finds that using the headset can be better, but background noise has a downside. Erin also mentions using the free version of Zoom for 40-minute recordings, which goes to the cloud and has subtitles. She demonstrates how to rename URLs and copy and paste URLs in a meeting room to ensure consistency.

Video 2 More about URLs. 4:41 Erin demonstrates how to update a pending review and post it on the website, ensuring it opens up a new tab and links to the correct page. She also explains how to navigate away from the website and add comments to the post. Additionally, she demonstrates the process of adding a link to the blog and using a command to link it to a specific URL.

Video 3 Streak. 3:42 Erin discusses the importance of using clean URLs and never using emojis or quotes in the title to avoid issues with different computers. She also shares tips on using the Streak feature “snooze” and follow-up features in the system, such as creating a bridge or link for easier access.

Video 4 Using Specific Tools 4:47 Erin demonstrates how to edit a post using a free version and emphasizes the importance of paying for the paid version to support others or doing what they’ve askedโ€”like leaving a review. She emphasizes the need to listen to her Husband’s suggestions and follow His lead. Erin also shares tips on using specific tools in different situations, such as using notifications and listening to His suggestions.

Video 5 Recorded for Isabella…

Video 6 Follow-Up on Blogs 2:23 Erin’s back to show you the finished product of using the synopsis first, with the URL to the videos and password at the bottom or last.

Video 7 MOVING Pages to a New Website. Erin demonstrates how to use a plugin for replacing media on Homegrown Ministries, which has moved to a new site: from HOPE to HGM. She follows her Husband’s lead and swaps out the old picture with the new one, using the media plugin, ensuring all pictures are linked to the new page. She mentions the importance of keeping the old link as a bookmark to avoid issues with lost links.
Passcode: 1=UGkg!3

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