RMIOU Level 1 MTA "Minister Team Apprentice" Β 

Anyone can be an Apprentice; just begin ministering on our EW blog with comments and post praises. Then, complete the enrollment form so we know you are interested.

MTA = Contributor can add new posts and edit their own posts, but they cannot publish any posts; add categories and add tags.

Blog Post Comments: If you comment for the first time, your comment will be held for approval. Once your first comment has been approved, all comments after that will be approved automatically when you are signed in.
A comment will be held for moderation when there are 3 or more links in the comment because it gets flagged as spam.

Only theΒ editorΒ and up can approve and edit comments.

What is needed to become an Apprentice?

Just one thing is needed for you to become an Apprentice.

If you have not yet, go to this page and enrol.

Where does your passion lie?

πŸ’”Β Marriage MinisterΒ πŸ’”
πŸ’—Β Abundant Life CoachΒ πŸ’—
πŸͺ΄Β HomeGrown CoachΒ πŸͺ΄
🌐 Multi-Language Minister 🌐 

If you become a Multi-Language Minister with one of our many languages, you will also be able to specialize in one of the above or just apprentice in all three categories.

What do I do as an apprentice?

Post praises as an Apprentice by using the lessons that you do to encourage others.

If you have a profile picture, you be moved from SUBSCRIBER to CONTRIBUTOR and then once you become an APPRENTICE and we see you commenting and adding posts, we will move you up to an AUTHOR immediately.

Remember to link the lesson to your blog post along with 1-2 promises for it to count towards your IOU credit.

What courses should I do as an apprentice to move on to an Intern?

ANY 7 of our courses will count towards you becoming an Intern, but we recommend the following since there's an epidemic of failing marriages:

  1. How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage
  2. A Wise Woman
  3. My Beloved
  4. Facing Divorce, Again
  5. Workers@Home
  6. Be Encouraged CLASSICS
  7. Be Encouraged

AND, if you have done all 7 of the ABOVE courses, you will receive a virtual HopeAtLast Certificate. πŸ₯³

In addition to the 7 courses, you MUST complete the 5 Ministry Commitment Lessons for you to move on to become an Intern:

Intro LessonΒ RMI’s History

Lesson #1 Work WITHIN Your Anointing

Lesson #2 Having COMPASSION

Lesson #3 Ministry SHARED BELIEFS


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  1. Bonjour je n’ai pas fini les cours mais je voudrais rejoindre un groupe sur telegram.
    Hello, I haven’t finished the courses but I would like to join a group on telegram.

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