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Most of what I’ve learned about podcasts, I learned first from my son, Easton, who is a consultant on topics like this – – ways of building your business. So back when he first presented this sort of platform for me to use with my ministry. I was all ears (I guess I need to clarify I am always listening to everything that he or my sons or anyone says because I love to learn, and I love how God uses people I admire in my life to open up and broaden my horizons).

when he first presented me having a podcast, I instinctively thought of someone who does an INTERVIEW—meaning, I would be interviewing other people and asking them questions. Instantly I explained I would not be good at this at all, because I’m not good at asking questions, because I just have so much to say! Proof of that comes from spending most of my grammar school years out in the hallway due to excessive talking. Yet rather than be embarrassed or ashamed, which I was for a good many, too many years, I realized that God created me and I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Now that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be a good listener or possess a “gentle and quiet spirit“; however, please note that it is our SPIRIT that needs to be quiet and gentle.

So now, to move on to the different types, my son told me that I could simply record anything that I wanted and talk about it for as long as I want it! Now he hit the nail on the head, even though I have yet to do many of these, because, after all, I am protected and governed and guided by my husband, who does it both lovingly and kindly, which is why I highly recommend discovering you husband, your maker whether or not, you have an earthly husband or not. (See The 3 Most Suited Podcast Formats for Ministering below.)

My son also explained that sometimes there’s a panel, a group, or what we might think of as a recorded fellowship, where a group discusses things together. However, there is still a host/moderator whose main objective and position is not to share herself but just to keep the conversation and topics moving. *Importantly, when this hopefully happens that a topic is flowing, maybe even not the “desired” goal when you orchestrated the podcast, as His bride and minister, we want to allow HIS plan to take over, rather than on what we “planned” to do. Are we all in agreement? If not, ponder this principle and promise:

“The mind of man plans his way, but God directs his steps.“

I’m fairly sure that my son proposed many other options, but these are the only ones I can remember now and so I will move on to one of the key points.

#1 Be sure your guest knows what type of podcast format she has agreed to.

"Podcast on Podcasts" Fellowship/Panel Format RMIOU audio

Let your guest or guests know what type of format. If they are your “special” guest, then make sure they are welcomed and treated as the special guest, which we might think of as the guest of honor such as if it were a conference or banquet, the special guest would be sitting right next to the podium, and given carte blanc to speak and is referred to throughout the podcast—it's why the listeners or tuning in.

The 4 Most Suited Podcast Formats for Ministering

  • The interview podcast format. This would usually be just two people and what I prefer taking part in—sort of "special guest."
  • The solo/monologue podcast format. It's just you speaking, and this probably suits me the best and there are many who I follow who use this format.
  • Conversational/co-hosted podcast format. Yvonne and I did a few of these LMF 20 Min—podcasts that were fun to record, fun to listen to, and informative in nature.
  • The panel podcast format. This format I got had a lot of FUN, but only after we stopped recording. While listening to the host sharing her own experiences, she covered so many topics I wanted to explore and share many bits of wisdom and experiences. So I shared this with my host, who confirmed that I needed to begin recording on a regular basis using The solo/monologue podcast format (above) once again because, as the guest, I assumed I was the "special" guest and also because our host didn't realize that as the host, she was not a guest; therefore she didn't know she wasn't supposed to share or give input on the topic. *However, because most of you ARE ministers, pre or post-record any ministering, you would like your listeners to know about your experiences with this topic.

#2 Begin your podcast by introducing yourself with your name, where you're from, and maybe your position, "the minister of...", then introduce your guest (do your homework, find their bio, and pull from it). Next, welcome your guest, and then be quiet and give them a chance to thank you for inviting them.

Almost everything I've learned so far comes from mistakes I made or errors I witnessed being someone's guest—God always uses everything for GOOD.

Before I post this particular part of my lesson, I will share it personally with my host because I believe and do my best to always adhere to principles that I know are true. And even though nothing she did was anywhere close to "sin" or transgression, which was most likely just a lack of understanding and why we all make mistakes, nevertheless, we are not supposed to talk ABOUT anyone but go directly to the person.

So, it was during a recent podcast when I was asked to be a guest, and so I spoke to my Husband about what He wanted me to share, which made me utterly confused when she introduced me, but then began to share her thoughts on something that was not in the list of questions that I had on my podcast guest google appointment form.

To be honest, I’m not hurt very often, and I think that’s because I keep my heart and my desires hidden where only my husband can see them. Nevertheless, somehow I believe that the enemy can see these things only because it just seems that way, doesn’t it? So, I started out as a guest feeling quite hurt—not just because she welcomed me and didn’t give me an opportunity to thank her, but also because she veered way off on a topic I hadn’t planned on talking about. My reason for this is because, as I said, I always speak to my Husband ahead of time about what He wants me to share, and if the question were posed in the form, then my Husband would have prepared me, often bringing me to the beginning of the journey regarding that principle.

#3 Let your guest know what you hope to discuss and a list of potential questions you will ask—then stick to it until it begins to flow.
Many times your plan isn't God's plan. However, to start off badly and not put your guest at ease, more like when I was on hostile radio shows, it it's comfortable for the guest or the listener. Think of your guest as someone invited into your home—make them feel comfortable—ease them into the discussion by preparing them, listening, commenting on what they said, and making it about them—isn't that why you asked me and hope they and other guests will come?

#4 How to conclude and end your program
First, set a time. With the free Zoom, it's 40 minutes, and you get a countdown—so in many ways better because it is VERY hard for most women to say goodbye, hang up the phone, stop texting etc. etc. hahaha. So when I asked my Husband, seeing this is was requested and what I WANT to know too, this is what He reminded me of, and what many of us use, is what I never "planned" to say but began saying in the Be Encouraged videos, "And ladies, Be encouraged!!"

So ask your Husband to come up with a similar phrase, or feel free to vary mine:

"So Brides, thank you for listening, join us next time, and remember, Be encouraged!!"

"Let me once again that my guest(s), NAME, and thank those of you who have been listening, join us next time as we share more of Finding and Living the Abundant Life!!"

"Our time has run out. Thank each of you who have been listening. We hope you will join us next time as we discover more of Hope at Last!!"


10 thoughts on “Variety of Podcasts”

  1. Thank you, reading this l realise l have a LOT to learn so im really thankful this was shared. Thank you for sharing your heart, im thankful that l too can learn from my mistakes and that HE uses it for good!! Especially now that we doing so much podcasts i can sit back and speak to my Husband before scheduling my next one 🤗

  2. Thank you so very much Erin, I loved the points and will keep on referring back here until I know it by heart. I see now also where is my mistake, when I did a podcast with my dear sister on the difficult topic what was done to her as a child, but I trust my HH that I won’t get so much on my nerves.

  3. I’m beginning to really LOVE a variety of podcasts, recording my own, listening to the other ministers as well as my Husband leading me to listen to other platforms—each lending more knowledge, wisdom, and understanding in order to help encourage each of you.
    NO DOUBT each of you is learning many, many new things as well, so please remember these two principles and promises:
    “Give, and it will be given to you. They will pour into your lap a good measure—pressed down, shaken together, and running over. For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.”
    “There is one who scatters, and yet increases all the more, and there is one who withholds what is justly due, and yet it results only in want. The generous man will be prosperous, and he who waters will himself be watered” (P1124).
    Make it THREE principles…
    “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it. Do not say to your neighbor [or friend], ‘Go, and come back, and tomorrow I will give it,’ when you have it with you.” P327
    RMI is a teaching ministry first and foremost by those of us He calls to not just go through valleys, but our entire journeys where HE is teaching us—not to store, but to share, to scatter, to do it right away before it’s lost.
    Dispell the lies that you don’t have time—you do! Learn, turn around and then teach.
    RMIOU has made it easy, just upload your YouTube video as a POSTED PRAISE and Yvonne’s team will do the rest!

    1. Thank you for the advice Erin, I will take the very good advice and yes I have time, I will SSG to manage my time better.

  4. I learned a lot, thank you for sharing!!! I love Podcast because there are real people discussing a topic!! Thank you for sharing!!! I am taking my baby steps jeje

  5. How much wisdom! Thank you very much for sharing it, just like you I feel barely learning, but I am very grateful because my Husband has already helped me feel more relaxed and without nervousness. I really enjoy panel podcasts, in which we talk as friends, I also noticed that sometimes the best things happen or are spoken when the camera is off…

  6. Thank you so much Erin for this, I really needed this because I made many mistakes in the past, but these guidelines really helps and I will apply them with Him leading me.

  7. Thank you Erin, yes my team will do the rest. I believe He may be leading me to have this wonderful information of yours as a course and then maybe the ladies can start adding to it as well what they have learned. I am seeing some things and what I will do now is what you said: “Dispell the lies that you don’t have time” and do just one thing every day here on RMIOU and then we can see the fruits of that. ❤️ I was just reminded how amazing this is that when you follow His lead, like you did here, how many lives can be touched.

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