Admin Roles and Levels Based on Training

IOU Students are given certain permissions based on their Levels of training. However, to be given these levels, with their permissions, to increase the role you can perform on RMI websites β€”it's vital you learn how and also demonstrate you are trained, which most often is tested on TPR

PLEASE be sure before commenting to move you up, you have checked to be sure you have followed the list on Levels.

Then leave the links to EACH website you're a user:



https://rmiou.com/ will automatically be done.

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  1. Yvonne this new page didn’t allow for comments which I believed you discovered could be done in bulk. But I believe I misunderstood and it needs to be done on new pagesβ€”which proves the RMI policy of not starting from scratch but making a copy of a page then revising it so the needed components are there and not forgotten.

    1. You are right Erin, I was hoping there was a place that had this as the default setting, but I don’t know where. Maybe it won’t be necessary as our policy is to not start from scratch. I see if you copy a page that’s already open for comments, it takes over those settings.

    1. Thank you, Hope. First of all, congratulations!!! πŸ₯³ I moved you up to Author on IOU, EW, and TPR. For now, I did not move you up on those HopeAtLast or LoveAtLast but thank you for being thorough. ❀ Woohoo, I am excited to see you edit and publish your own posts.

    1. Thank you, dear Marta, from the video I can see you have updated your profiles, can you please let me know which of our websites you want me to move you up? I would assume EW, IOU, TPR, and PTG – both websites. It will be easier if you let me know so I am sure I go into all the correct websites. Thank you so much. I will be waiting for your reply. ❀

      1. Thank you dear Yvonne for the answer. And yes, these are the sites I want to move to: EW, IOU, TPR and PTG.

          1. Thank you dear Yvonne for sharing this levels page. So as an author I can’t create pages on ajudamatrimonial.com and on encouragement.org, right? I think that’s what Paula wanted me to look at with you, whether it’s possible for me to have access as a Web Builder, so that I can create the new pages that PTG needs to create on the website. I think it’s the same as what Anastasia asked for in this comment: https://the-praise-report.com/here-is-the-easily-post-a-link-using-beaver-builder/#comment-1917
            Thanks again.🌹

      2. I came back here because I remembered that I have access to all the sites we blog on, so if necessary, I can move to them too…for example: ESP, NPR, African….
        Thanks again

        1. If you need to me move you up to author to any of these blogs, just list the login link and I can do it easily.

          1. Dear Yvonne, regarding these blogs, I don’t think it’s necessary to be the author, ok.

  2. Hi dear Marta, can you check how far you are from becoming an MTR and thus able to move up to Editor? It will be so exciting if you are able to do some of the short courses so I can move you up. Like for example “Salvation Stories” You can easily do 3 a day.

    1. This is going to be incredible Yvonne, because I was asking God about which course I should take, and here is His answer. I will take the β€œSalvation Stories” course.πŸ₯°
      Thank you my dear.🌷

    2. Hello dear Yvonne, passing by to inform you that I managed to take the β€œSalvation Stories” course.
      If you need me to leave the diary links here, I’ll do that ok…
      Thank you and a big hug🌷

      1. Marta, can you test something for us? I assume SS aren’t translated into PTG so you went through https://loveatlast.org/fc/ss/ in the ENG (possibly using the Translate) but here’s what I’d like to see if it’s HIS plan but someone has to DO it for us to see.

        β€œNo one lights a lamp and then hides it or puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where its light can be seen by all who enter the house, those who come may see the light.” L1133

        So, go to your Journal links and copy what you journalled:

        Encourage your family or friends from this lessonβ€”Leave your NOTES here to remember what you want to say in your podcast or post, or group text: *

        What PROMISES do you want to share with them from this lesson? *

        For each https://loveatlast.org/fc/ss/wk1/
        For each https://loveatlast.org/fc/ss/wk2/
        For each https://loveatlast.org/fc/ss/wk3/

        And then stop after 3.

        1. Erin, thanks for getting back to me. Regarding the SS, we do have them in PTG, here is the link: https://ajudamatrimonial.com/historias-de-salvacao/, I made the diaries directly from our PTG page.
          I’ll just leave 1 example of what you asked to leave from the first SS, please if you could tell me if that’s what you’re asking me to do here:

          Week 1 My Salvation Story: Link: https://share.streak.com/6g7W1iNXkOpCtFjxF8lvhH

          My Encouragement for you, dear Friend, is that we keep our eyes focused on the Love of our lives, so that in His time, He may fulfill His desire in the lives of our loved ones. Because we have full and complete certainty that His dreams for our home are of complete joy and peace, and above all, salvation.

          His promise to you: β€œIn this battle you will not have to fight; stand still, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord among you… Do not fear, nor be dismayed… for the Lord will be with you.” 2 Chronicles 20:17


          1. Erin dear, so I did as you said. Thank you for everything, and I will do the rest so that:
            β€œNo one lights a lamp and then hides it or puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed in a lampstand, where its light can be seen by all who enter the house, those who enter can see the light.” L1133
            With love🌷

            Week 1 β€œMy Salvation Story”: https://ajudamatrimonial.com/historias-de-salvacao/semana-1/#comment-84

            Week 2 β€œMy Brother is Dying”: https://ajudamatrimonial.com/historias-de-salvacao/semana-2/#comment-85

            Week 3 β€œSeeing Double”: https://ajudamatrimonial.com/historias-de-salvacao/semana-3/#comment-86

  3. Hello Yvonne, can you please move me up on RMIOU and UiteindelikHoop.com? I updated my LynetteE profile. Thank you!

      1. Hello Yvonne, my UiteindelikHoop account is still only subscriber it seems. DUT and RMIOU is fine.

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