All MTM are registered now into RMIOU

I come with a lot of joy and excitement because my Husband helped me today to finish updating your profile pictures in RMIOU users which means that you are all ready to go and start creating your Video Courses. This is part of Stop Hiding! Let’s put every thing He is working with us up to light. Here is what He put together for us.

1- Please read and check the COURSE INSTRUCTIONS page where you have all the steps to follow in order to submit your BNN YouTube Video through Posting your Praise.

2- Check the Administering Page with all the courses where we are uploading your videos. Those can be recorded in English and in your tongue language, as the purpose of this is to help our outside Students and ourselves to build our OWN Ministries.

3- Finally, the Professor page is now working through the plugin Profile Grid. We kindly want to ask you to join that group (check the video) so you are added as one of the Professors after you submit your first Video Course through your Praise in this blog.

1 thought on “All MTM are registered now into RMIOU”

  1. Unfortunately, Poppy, this wasn’t able to be used because he moved us past this point of no return πŸ˜‰
    Honestly, I’ve watched this probably four times but I still don’t understand what I or anyone else was supposed to do.
    β€œForgetting what lies behind I press forward” at this point we don’t have instructors and we may not have them for a very long time. God knows.
    What we do have our many women who are MINISTERING you included.
    There’s still a disconnect with many, not uploading their profile pictures, making it difficult to move ministers up to an altar level.
    Once that is achieved, then it would be beautiful having profile grid working to form groups. However, if I’ve learned one thing, is that if we don’t end up using this profile grid within the window of opportunity provided by our husband, then he’s gonna have us uninstall it.
    The challenge will no doubt force whoever is lead to to work closely and intimately with their husband. Poppy, is that you?

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