Following His Lead and Trusting Him

Dear ladies,
All the praises to our Beloved. In the past weeks, He has led our RMIOU ADM team to work creating the courses for Ministering through the plugin Memberpress. This will be a very simple way to have all the resources available in one place even when the lessons are in different sites. Isn’t this amazing? We were also able to create a simple form just for the new students to create their own course videos in order to upload them into their BNN YouTube channel and start their own Ministry. A dream come true for RMI !!!
We faced today some opposition when our dear Isabella lost all the lessons she created for the Abundant life coach course, but we are claiming to our Beloved to show us the solution and receive a double blessing. We know that He has something bigger and extraordinary for all the new student and RMIOU as well.
So although this is taking longer than we expected, His timing is always perfect and we can’t wait to see all the breakthroughs in this new year.
β€œWith people it is impossible, but not with Godβ€”God makes all things possible!” Mark 10:27 πŸ™Œ

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