A Tour of RMI

I am excited to share this video with you of a tour of RMI.

You will also find this video with even more information on how to get started on this page:

How to Get Started!

There is of course more, from tomorrow, I will be starting the Ministry Commitment lessons to help each of you gain knowledge in what is needed for you as a minister, not the administration, but the ministering of it all. Some of the lessons will be on how you can work within your anointing as well as how to work with others in an understanding way, these are just a few of many things.

I will post a lesson every weekday starting tomorrow, please don’t do more than one lesson a day, but if you are limited on time and you cannot get to one lesson a day, just follow His lead. All the lessons will be available on the web pages and the links made available for you to find any time in the future.

After the Ministry Commitment lessons, we will move on to some other lessons, but keep in mind that you do not need to follow the lessons as they are presented on the blog, you can just ask your Heavenly Husband, what He wants you to do and then follow His lead in all you do. We just give you a guideline.

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