Please listen to the podcast on what I learned from doing a podcast and the mistakes I made.

  • Don’t try to make it perfect.


  1. Janine, you did an outstanding job on this! Follow through by making a list like I started above.
    Not talking is one of the and leading your guest speak is something I wanted to address on the main podcast course page. Recently, I was listening to a podcast and the host was doing something I do, and thought it was something beneficial – – I made short affirmations like “uh-huh” “I agreed” “oh really?” But ask the listener I found it very distracting not only to me, but I can tell these distracted, and broke the train of thought with the guest. So when I spoke to my husband about it, not wanting to in anyway interrupt my gas, but just to LET the GUEST speak (because isn’t that why we have invited a guest?) my husband reminded me how on some occasions he led me to MUTE myself. SO SIMPLE! And what’s great too is that to unmute myself causes a delay, and most often that was just enough time for the other speakers to continue speaking, allowing it FLOW.
    Listening through everything that you shared I have to say I absolutely love love love how you concluded because you did something that is recommended when writing. After thanking the listeners, you go back and restate the name of your podcast a.k.a. the introduction. Well done Janine.

  2. Thank you dear Erin it is all because of your teachings.

    @Yvonne will you please include the list:
    • Give your guest enough time to prepare.
    • Don’t restart if you make a mistake.
    • Simply Seek God before doing the podcast.
    • Let your guest talk (you mustn’t be the one to do all the talking, listen more).
    • Let the Lord lead (don’t rehearse the podcast).
    • Write your questions down.
    • Thank your guest at the end and thank the audience for listening to the podcast (mention the name of the podcast).
    • Relax and enjoy the podcast.
    • Learn through your mistakes.

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