Moving over to Telegram

Hello Students,

As you might have seen, we are moving our WhatsApp groups over to Telegram.

  • About Telegram:
    1. Telegram is simple to use, yet powerful.
    2. Telegram is private and secure.
    3. Telegram is fast.

To read more, please visit: Telegram Messenger

  • How to join the Telegram Channels:
    • Telegram can be installed on your phone or desktop, for the links please visit: Telegram Messenger
    • Please use your BNN name for your account, for example @Adina_Jacobs.
    • Please use your BNN radiant picture as your profile picture.
    • We will share the link to the new Telegram channel in the current WSP group, please follow the link to join.

If you want to know more, we can share the video with you privately that explains the reasons for moving over to Telegram.

If you need more assistance to move over, please let us know in the comment section below.




1 thought on “Moving over to Telegram”

  1. Hola bella , si serΓ­a bueno que comparta para todas la informaciΓ³n para cambiarse a telegram

    Hello bella, if it would be good for you to share for all the information to switch to telegram

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