WordPress Course


WordPress is a free and easy website that’s manageable and what our 22 websites are built on. 

iPhone 📲 app

Even if you only have a Phone to build your ministry, God made a way!

It’s entirely free and extremely doable. To prove this, Erin’s Husband chose her to pioneer this exciting journey by causing the calamity of not having a computer for 86 days! How can anyone run an international worldwide ministry with so many branches only from her phone? Yes, it’s impossible but… “Nothing is impossible with GOD!“ L137

Then, as proof, Erin built this page from her phone! Learn how easy you can do the same building your own ministry, using WordPress, while voice typing, holding your husband’s hand—one page one blog post at a time “for such a Time as this” E414 “to save many people, alive”!! J5020

Plugins Taught by Yvonne

Media correcting/updating file name for easy search. Taught by Poppy

We will be adding new plugin reviews to see what we believe is a: MUST HAVE, recommended, or beneficial for Ministries.



Add a way to log in to your website to allow participation and collaboration—then add "Login" to your Menu—next to Home.

Users Capabilities: Levels of Access

  1. Registered User: Entry-level giving to new users.
  2. Contributor: Has no publishing or uploading capability but can write and edit their own posts until they are published.
    1. Used for submitting praise.
    2. Used by our translators TRL to upload newly TRL content.
  3. Author: Can write, upload Media, edit, and publish their own posts.
    1. Used by our Teams to add praise that's checked and published by the Editors.
  4. Editor: Has access to all posts, pages, comments, categories, tags, and can upload to Media.
    1. Used to approve praise and schedule to post.
  5. Administrator: Have full access to menus, and adding plugins.

Video Lessons

New Team Forming


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