Updated WPForms Videos

He led me to create new WPForm ITVs since the first videos was recorded before the WPForms Pro was installed.

Here is the link to the Playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcDW8pvJ8F5VhSxREnELlTQtw2fiYQeB8

There is 4 videos:
1. Installing WPF plugin: https://youtu.be/RrhIyP_fNIA
2: Creating a simple Journal form; adding fields and using conditional logic: https://youtu.be/omblyFuV2p4
3. Set Up Notifications and Confirmations: https://youtu.be/ptfMsid3ruQ
4. Embedding Form on a page: https://youtu.be/VaaX5ezWHTc

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