In the first 6-minute video, Erin shares her experience using a picture and WordPress forms for a new project. The speaker demonstrates how to adjust the size and height of a picture to make it square. Erin shares her frustration as she struggles to get it right. She discusses the importance of learning to do it right and undo mistakes.

In the second 3-minute video, Erin discusses the importance of cleaning up media, such as logos, descriptions, and photos to ensure they are on the main page and not on the home page. She suggests using a plugin to replace the old logo and replace it with a new one and advises reaching out to someone who is more experienced in the process to reach out to if they are not capable of doing it themselves.

In the final 4-minute video, Erin demonstrates how to adjust the size of a picture to a specific size in a program, which is not available in a web page. She explains that to do so, she must drag the picture onto the desktop, adjust it to the correct size, and create a new one. She also explains how to undo the wrong size using command Z on a Mac. Erin mentions that the picture is not a JPG, and how it easily can be converted to a square size.


Passcode: t!7mV6qt

5 thoughts on “RADD WP Media”

  1. Thank you for sharing Erin I have learned alot from you and I still learn… I do not know it was just me but I Was able to see just the first video (6 minutes) not three ☺️

    1. THANK YOU. The way I copied the URL was differentβ€”good to know that I can share just one, not all of them. DOUBLE blessing for my error!

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