RMIOU What’s New 🀩

Yvonne and Erin discuss the progress of IOU, focusing on simplifying the entire process of Courses and Lessons, beginning with the Lesson plugin and making it more user-friendly. We plan to unplug the offending plugin within the next 24 hours to ensure instructors have enough time to remove anything that could be lost. They renamed the journal “Ministering Notes” and consolidated all forms onto one website IOU for easier access. They also plan to create a single page for IOU students to share notes.

My β€œLOVE at Last” Ministering Notes


To see what we are doing, you can open up this link to the video and add the passcode.

Passcode: 9Vbr=w1D

If you prefer Youtube, here’s the video. Enjoy!!!


3 thoughts on “RMIOU What’s New 🀩”

  1. Thank you I’m really so happy and excited that when women complete their “Ministering notes” that its like “points” towards their IOU. It makes it so much more worthwhile!!!

  2. I like the idea of it being a easy and short form. I think it would be great to start with ministry commitments to test and to understand how it will works.
    I would like to know (perhaps you said it and I did not understand :D) if with the new plugin we will be able to have access to the minister’s notes from the RRR email and if the ladies would have a copy in their emails…

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