Our Instructors

Our RMIOU PROFESSORS are seasoned Instructors who have taught several courses and are now working towards encouraging and empowering women to focus on the right kind of university and courses that will help fulfill the deep desire in every woman to minister, teach and encourage other women. PROFILE GROUP

~ Yvonne in our South African Office is RMI's Ministry Director and also our Afrikaans and English Ministering Pastor. Yvonne shares that she eventually felt the aftermath of being raised in a non-Christian home with divorced parents in her own marriage. Her insatiable appetite for God’s Word serves as encouragement and inspiration to us all. Yvonne is also our Afrikaans Branch Director.
Yvonne is Level 3 MTR "Registered Practicing Minister" and Professor at RMIOU.

~ Erin is both the founder of Restore Ministries International— and RMI's Lead Ministering Pastor. She is the author of the majority of our books documenting her extensive Restoration Journey that covers over 3 decades. She says, “Blissful eternity does not need to begin when we die, it can begin today as you accept your Beloved’s proposal and become His bride. And take it from someone who has lived this way—once you become His bride—your life will never be the same!!” Erin's passion is to help and train our new ministers, developing RMIOU to take the place of women choosing a secular education and choosing the better path—using what He's brought women through—through ministering.

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