Welcome our New 🇫🇷 MTA Anna

Dear Anne, thank you for filling out the application and https://rmiou.com/htgs/ and welcome to RMIOU!! We are excited to have you here!

Thank you Anne for following your Husband's lead and having the heart to study towards becoming an:

💗Abundant Life Coach

💔Marriage Minister

🪴HomeGrown Coach

I will soon share your portfolio with you that you will use as your office and to keep record of your courses completed, please check your inbox for the link.

You will also be added to our

Last but not least, we look forward to seeing you MINISTERING on AideMaritale.com with your comments to posts.

💗Much Love💗



BNN Name and Surname
What country are you from
Which Field of Training do you feel called to study?
💗Abundant Life Coach💗
💔Marriage Minister💔
🪴HomeGrown Coach🪴
What languages do you speak?
Which of these courses have you COMPLETED with JOURNALS
How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage
Have you completed a Marriage Evaluation Questionnaire?
What was the approximate month and YEAR you first found our ministry?
Please share your heart with us about what RMI and/or Encouraging Women has done and meant to you AND why you feel called to enroll at RMIOU:
Je me sens appelé car définitivement le Seigneur veut que je prenne cette voie afin d’avoir la restauration de mon âme et la vie abondante. J’ai longtemps résisté, j’ai lu les livres ça m’a choqué, je suis partie, j’ai essayé par moi-même et je n’ai pas réussi. Le Seigneur me veut comme sa fiancée, je n’ai pas de choix que de me soumettre maintenant. Je suis l’exemple même de la brebis rebelle. La rébellion m’a fait sortir de mon mariage, la rébellion m’a éloignée de Dieu mais le Seigneur dans sa grande bonté avait déjà posé sa main sur moi. Il m’a amené dans le désert pour me façonné, me modeler, me soumettre. Je lui rends grâce pour cela. Adhérer à ce ministère aujourd’hui est un appel du Seigneur afin de partager mon parcours, afin de déclarer aux autres personnes qui passent dans le désert des encouragements tirés des livres de ce ministère. Déclare que ce qui est écrit dans ces livres est vrai. Témoigner du fait que plus longtemps durera la rébellion plus longtemps le séjour dans le désert se prolongera. Grâce à ce ministère le Seigneur m’a montré que je n’ai besoin que de lui à plusieurs reprises. Oh que je l’aime mon MC.

I feel called because the Lord definitely wants me to take this path in order to have the restoration of my soul and abundant life. I resisted for a long time, I read the books it shocked me, I left, I tried for myself and I didn't succeed. The Lord wants me as his bride, I have no choice but to submit now. I am the very example of the rebellious sheep. Rebellion took me out of my marriage, rebellion took me away from God but the Lord in his great goodness had already laid his hand on me. He brought me into the desert to shape me, mold me, submit me. I thank him for that. Joining this ministry today is a calling from the Lord to share my journey, to declare to others who pass through the wilderness encouragement from the books of this ministry. Declare that what is written in these books is true. Testify to the fact that the longer the rebellion lasts, the longer the stay in the desert will continue. Through this ministry the Lord has shown me that I only need Him on several occasions. Oh how I love my MC.



Please welcome Anne with a promise from Him. Here's mine"

"For You, O Lord, have made me glad by what You have done,
I will sing for joy at the works of Your hands." Psalm 92:4


9 thoughts on “Welcome our New 🇫🇷 MTA Anna”

  1. Dear Anna, welcome to our community of brides loved by the best Man there can be: Our Heavenly Husband.💞
    Our Lord welcomes you with open arms and full of love! We love you🥰

    Chère Anna, bienvenue dans notre communauté de mariées aimées par le meilleur homme qui puisse exister : notre mari céleste.💞
    Notre Seigneur vous accueille à bras ouverts et plein d’amour ! On t’aime🥰

    1. “The Lord therefore is he who goes before you; he will be with you; he will not leave you, nor forsake you; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed.” D318

      “C’est donc l’Éternel qui marche devant vous ; il sera avec vous ; il ne vous quittera pas et ne vous abandonnera pas ; n’ayez pas peur et ne soyez pas consterné.” D318

  2. Hi Anne, I am glad that you have found your way back to Him. It is clear that He has a plan for your life, and I am sure that He will continue to guide you.
    “But when they were in trouble, they turned to the Lord AGAIN. He is the God of Israel. They looked for the Lord and FOUND him.” 2C15:4

  3. Bienvenida querida, Dios es siempre bueno, y para esta hora estamos aquí.
    Buscad primeramente el reino de Dios y su justicia y todas las demás cosas vendrán por añadidura.
    Mateo 6:33

  4. Welcome Dear Anne!! We are so happy to have you here with us 💕

    “And who knows but that you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this and for this very occasion?” Ester 4:14

  5. Welcome dear Anne!!! What a blessing!! This is a great place to start a beautiful relationship with your HH while you take His hand to give His love to another Brides who need know Him in intimacy.

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