⭐ EXCITING Message to HIS brides ⭐

January 12, 2023

Our Husband showed Erin (and I confirmed) that everyone on our Ministry Team deserved a “Mandatory Leave of Absence” from ADMINISTERING in order to focus on ministering to each of YOU!!

The MLA is designed to be a honeymoon for OUR MTMs https://loveatlast.org/about/ministry-team/ and the MTMs “FIRST LOVE” giving each more time to Minister on all of RMI websites He leads them to, and Who knows, GOD knows maybe He also will lead them to start their own Google or WordPress site. https://rmiou.com/gs/ With Him, nothing is impossible, right?

Won’t that be wonderful to have our MTMs carefree for 30 days just to minister to YOU? What a blessing from Him!

We trust that we all will enjoy this time with our Husband, and we are looking forward to seeing your Posted Praise and commentsβ€” getting to know you all as yourselves rather than MTMs.

PLEASE JOIN US in our excitement AND anticipation for what He has planned for us during and also AFTER these 30 days of honeymooning with Our Husband.

We’d LOVE to hear your comments…

1 thought on “⭐ EXCITING Message to HIS brides ⭐”

  1. Everyone will be returning from their honeymoon the day before Valentine’s Day, February 13th (how fitting… isn’t our Husband just dreamy?). Now, after two weeks of honeymooning, what we believe His plans are for our MTMs is to become Franchise owners based on their passions and where He is calling them to minister or become missionaries.


    So if you are a former MTM and you feel called to have your own Ministry Franchise, obtaining the licensing agreement with RMI, then be sure to fill out the agreement form. We want to set up several Ministry Steams of Income, such as what we have done for both Atarah on HOPE and Isabella on HGM.

    As with everything, this is a JOURNEY we at RMI, our former MTMs, and also you need to take His hand and make sure you’re on an Abundant Life Journey.

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