At this point in your training, many of you may feel like you can’t take on one more thing. Like going to school while working in an internship, and also holding down a job—one responsibility doesn’t WAIT for the other.

Thankfully it was His plan that I understand. Many years ago, only two weeks in dental school, I was given an internship position in an orthodontic office and on top of this, I already had a full time job. Though I should have graduated and then been Certified before being allowed to be an intern, I had done neither. So I began taking my courses in the evenings after working all day, and also interning in the ortho office. When did I sleep? God knows. 😉

After a year of keeping up with this schedule, I graduated, and I was granted permission to take the state certification due to both the president of the dental school and my orthodontist writing to the board.

Trust me, it was not that I WANTED to do it this way, but it was because the orthodontist I worked for NEEDED me trained and certified. Looking at this now, I realize God had me go through this “for such a time as this” so that now, I am able to fully understand what many of you may be struggling to do right now.

Rising While it is yet Night

A few weeks ago, I was taken aback when I read someone’s excuse for not getting something done, stating to me that she had small children to care for. I honestly chuckled just a bit because at one time, while writing the books and building RMI, I was homeschooling my four older children, with 3 babies to care for at the same time, and all while helping my husband, working for him full time in our advertising business that was also in our home. When did I do my ministry work? Believe it or not, I wrote A Wise Woman lessons in the middle of the night while everyone else slept. And very often typed with one hand since I would be nursing a baby. Oh to be young again 😉

The woman who is hard to find, who is seen as a “jewel” to her Husband. As His bride is the woman who lovingly and happily, “rises also while it is still night and gives food to her household and portions to her maidens.” Proverbs 31:15

Actually, no, I don’t expect or would want anyone of you to come close to this type of life I had—He did this so I would now admire your work in “an understanding way as with a weaker vessel.”

Thankfully, since these earlier days, He’s shown me how He LOVES to make things “light and easy” for each of us. However, though many love to sleep, be sure you ARE rising while it is still night in order to get yourself spiritually fed and most importantly getting some intimate LOVE from Him. 

Honestly, sleep is not as important as having time with Him—in order to be ready to give spiritual food to those you come in contact with, such as your family, fellow ministers, and especially when you are ministering in your own ministry. Each person you come in contact with is depending on you to have made enough time to be filled by His love each morning so that you will follow His plan and not your own. 🙂

Even though today there are no babies for me to nurse, and no one who needs me to be up early, I still love and cherish the quiet of the very early morning. Spending this time alone with the Lord somewhere between 3 or 4 in the morning, and just recently it’s moved to 5 AM due solely to the amazing and anointed Ministry Team we have now. Just as there are many who count on you—I too have even more who are counting on me—you and everyone He brings to RMI!

Now, take a minute to read these verses in Luke 10:1-3 

“The Seventy-two Sent Out”

Now after this the Lord appointed seventy-two others, and sent them in pairs ahead of Him to every city and place where He Himself was going to come. And He was saying to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore plead with the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest. Go; behold, I am sending you out like lambs in the midst of wolves.

After He showed me this verse again I realized that we’ve begun to see the Lord doing something similar as He did with the few good men in this passage. He began to divide the people into groups. However, I am not going to pattern what He did then. He’s led me to read that passage on several occasions and each time it helps me understand how He is moving us forward. And thankfully to do it without so much effort, instead it’s light and easy!

Light and Easy!

“For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light.”  But only when

My Beloved is mine, and I am His” resulting in

I am lovesick, weak and faint with love.”

The only way to not become entrapped with feeling overwhelmed, believing you are being asked to “do it all,” first and foremost you need to make sure you never lose sight of Who you are ultimately working for and should be working with—Him! Because before you ever wake up each morning, while you were sleeping, He knew exactly what you will face that day, while ministering at home, at work and/or in your ministering work.

In one of my Living Lessons, I believe, will help you find the EASY and LIGHT way of doing everything He’s calling you to do! If you haven’t yet done this lesson, or even if you have, now would be the perfect time to read it over with your Ministry in mind and not becoming entangled and yoked to what isn’t His plan, “Two Way Communication"


"I am still finding my rhythm between homeschooling and working from home. I have never in my life thought that I would be doing so many things I loved!!! I thought, you worked and you looked forward to retirement, but now I have work that I love doing, I enjoy home-schooling tremendously. I just feel so blessed. And although I was not able to do everything that I wanted to do this month, the Lord is also showing me that I need to do what I am good at and then let the other ladies do what they are good at. That way we can get things done much more efficiently. I have always felt bad giving my tasks over to someone else, but I now realize that this feeling is not from the Lord." ~ Yvonne in South Africa

This Weekly Message helped me since I had been struggling with establishing a healthy daily routine. Getting up early enough to start my day off with the Lord, then doing ministry work, then get ready for my day job, taking care of things in my home, etc.

It is amazing and yet very simple but I was making it complicated. I just asked the Lord to wake me when He wanted me up in the morning and to help me with my new assignments and the remainder of my day. I asked His help with simple things, even asking Him what clothing I should wear. It's wonderful how simple He makes it. I used to spend too much time in the mornings fussing over what I should wear to work and often when I would get there, I would feel uncomfortable in my outfit. But now I ask Him and He knows the perfect thing for me to wear and I love what He picks out and I feel very comfortable in it!! Why I didn't do this very simple thing before is beyond me but I'm elated that He is showing me that He makes everything simple, easy, and light!!! 

He has also been showing me to let go of so many things that are not necessary to be doing/reading in order to stay organized.

Seeking Him in everything!! What I should wear, what I should eat, what I should read, etc. I struggled with getting up early enough in the morning for the longest time and just recently I started asking Him to do this for me and wow how simple!!! I'm in awe of Him.

Things are really simple when I am intimately involved with Him, they get complicated when I forget to ask Him!!

Give everything to Him and never forget Who you are working for and Who you must be working side-by-side with!

IOU: 🎓 "Ministry Commitment" Assignment

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