~Mira SuΓ‘rez in ESPΒ is currently a Level 1, MTAΒ πŸŽ“ RMIOU Student. She is studying towards becoming a πŸ’”Marriage Minister and a ⭐Translation Minister for Spanish and French.

Mira bought Restore Your Marriage book in 2020 and found so much hope but put it aside. She only found RMI and the El Animador website two years later after her marriage was destroyed and she read the Restore Your Marriage book again. RMI has changed her by making her understand that it's not about her husband, it's about her.Β That it is not about her marital restoration, but it is about her restoration to her First Love. Mira wants to be able to contribute to other women experiencing this emotional and spiritual healing, this personal restoration and this liberation and felt led to help French brides in the πŸ‡«πŸ‡· French LMF.

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My Personal Journey and BIO

Please share your heart with us about what RMI and/or Encouraging Women has done and meant to you AND why you feel called to enroll at RMIOU:

Finding RMI in September 2022 has changed my life forever. For some reason I discovered the Restore Your Marriage book on Google in March 2020 and bought it in Kindle version. I started reading it and it gave me so much hope and opened my eyes, I devoured it in a few days. My mind now does not remember exactly why I unfortunately put it aside after reading it, because I did not return to the book or look for the El Animador website... in my country the confinement began on March 14, 2020 and my husband returned home to spend it with us. Anyway, it would have been an ideal time to put all these teachings into practice but for whatever reason I did not do so until my husband openly told me in August 2022 that he was with another woman and that he needed me to help him be happy and rebuild his life and, to do so, he wanted to continue living at home as a family but he wanted to have his freedom and a relationship with another woman outside of marriage freely without leaving home.

That's when the ground suddenly disappeared from under my feet: not only was my marriage destroyed (even though he still hasn't officially filed for divorce), but the way my husband has decided to do all of this couldn't be more confusing and humiliating for me.

Then I recovered my Kindle version of Restore Your Marriage again - it's a good thing it was Kindle because I was away from home on vacation, and I wouldn't have had the physical copy on hand, and I needed to read it as soon as possible - and I read the whole thing again. It was there that I realized that I had not carried out many of the most important principles when I read it the first time: let go, I never let go, I never completely shut up, and eventually, although he returned home, he returned in the flesh with his mind and heart still anchored to the sin of adultery, waiting for me to fail to go out again to look for something outside. And of course, because I had not sought out my First Love and continued to put my husband and my job first, I failed.

Now I see things so clearly that I don't understand how I couldn't see them at the time: I was foolish to think that I could continue behaving almost the same as before without any consequences... I was also overconfident, believing that my husband was not the type who seemed to tend towards adultery. I could never imagine what was coming to me.

Well, since I have been here at RMI I have seen the seriousness of the matter and how I have been largely responsible for everything, so I take full responsibility. Honestly, I believe that in a couple there are always two responsible parties, but looking back, I see how I was much more immature than my husband and I don't mind assuming all the responsibility at this moment. The Lord clearly showed me in September 2022 that the reason this was happening was for the salvation of our souls and it seems to me that the purpose of this calamity goes far beyond who is to blame for this or that.

It is hard sometimes and I have to remind myself, because for many years I felt that my husband did not love me the way I wanted, but this does not excuse the fact that I searched in my fantasies for the romantic love that I had been missing in my marriage for a long time... And now I also see that I was missing that love because the first one who didn't know how to love my husband was me!

I see clearly how the immaturity that I demonstrated during the first ten years of my marriage has been passed on to my husband and he is the one who is immature now! It is exactly as described in the book Wise Woman: the way we behave as wives we shape our husbands; If we are rebellious, they end up being so, if we behave like prostitutes, they end up looking for that type of pleasure, if we behave like adulteresses, they end up being adulterers too, if we take away spiritual and family leadership from them, they end up not doing anything. nothing and dedicate themselves to their hobbies without further ado and losing all interest in having a relationship with the Lord.

So RMI has changed me by making me understand that it's not about my husband, it's about me. That I really needed a change that was much more drastic and profound than I had ever imagined. That really the problem was me and that all my iniquity had been passed on to my husband, pushing him towards the sin that tempted him most at that moment, in his case adultery.

That it is not about my marital restoration, but it is about my restoration to My First Love. That it is not about what we live here and now, but it is also about the salvation of lost souls; Two years ago, my husband and I were two totally lost souls; Today only he is lost because my daughters and I are firm on the Rock. But it's about all 5 of us being saved.

Furthermore, this year I am also learning to see my suffering as a privilege, because in reality, although sometimes I cry out to the Lord asking him "why me, Lord?", if the Catholic Christian since I was little is him and not me, why do I have you chosen me? Why didn't my husband do what I was doing 7 years ago when he suffered in silence and saw that he was losing me because of my immaturity? I now consider having been chosen as a privilege, and, although I do not know exactly the reason why the Lord chose me to work first on my soul, (and I do not boast of it), I do feel honoured that the Lord saved me first and it is one of the things I am grateful for every day to help me especially when I am at my weakest. The reality is that, in principle, I am already saved, and this is an enormous privilege for which to praise and give thanks every day, without letting my guard down.

I have also learned that it is not about my will or my plans or my ways of doing things, but that The Lord has a purpose for everything and a perfect solution, which are always better than my purposes and my solutions. That the Lord is always in control and that if we let Him do it and trust Him, everything works for our good.

I would like, in some way, to be able to contribute to other women experiencing this emotional and spiritual healing, this personal restoration and this liberation. May they know that it is possible to confront the world and its currents, its impositions and its false beliefs to live according to other, higher standards that respect the laws of God's Creation and that always end in blessing, instead of in curse, which is where everything we do in the flesh following the world's standards ends.

It is possible when we have as Husband, defender, lawyer, consoler, advisor, doctor, companion, the One who already conquered by nailing all evil to the cross. And as Father to Him who made heaven and earth, who is therefore almighty to work and carry out His Designs and His Will in our lives if we take refuge in Him.

All Glory be to them, to my Beloved and to my Heavenly Father who is always looking for a way to redeem us, forgive us and recover us. That he is eternally merciful and faithful to all his promises, kind to all and loving to all his creatures. And to his loving Holy Spirit, whom we often overlook, but without whom we could not be guided and instructed. That he whispers to us from our own spirit when we allow him to enter and he always guides us on the right path.

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