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1. Stop prayers in comments and PRs:

Recently I approved a comment in which the bride shared a prayer. So, to use my mistake for good and teach all of you NOT to do the same, I will share here what I learned. This also applies when approving Praise Reports.

Referring to the PR Guidelines, point #6:

6. Be sure the PR is not in the form of a devotional, speaking to the Lord directly in their PR and falling under the principle of Matthew 6.

Here is what Erin taught me and that I also want to share with you:

It’s vitally important that you EDIT and stop the prayer…

“Please Lord save…” then paste the guideline link. (

The reason it’s important is it will breed more women to do the same thing bc it’s what the “churched” have been told to do neglecting the opportunity for their flock to know their Shepherd personally. After all, this is why her legs and our legs were broken so that we can be gathered up and carried by the Shepherd so much so we can hear his heart beating.

2. Why it is important to close MEQ posts after 3C comments:

Finally, when it’s open ended and IOU students 🎓 and ministers continue to comment rather than CLOSING after three

1) It’s too much information to follow which tends to stop them from doing anything.

2) We are training and conditioning her (and others observing) that we, not HE has the answers she needs besides the attention is addictive.

3) When YOU are the final 3 Cord of comments supporting o/o/o/ the bride, please CLOSE the session and paste this at the end: "Thank you, we have a 3 Cord of comments supporting \o/\o/\o/ this bride. This session is now CLOSED."

3. Blog Post Comments, who can approve comments: 

If you comment for the first time, your comment will be held for approval. Once your first comment has been approved, all comments after that will be approved automatically when you are signed in.
A comment will be held for moderation when there are 3 or more links in the comment because it gets flagged as spam.

Only the editor and up can approve and edit comments.

4. From MTI level, as an author, you must approve your own Praise Reports.
Please read the PR Guidelines:

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