Blog Ministering: Tips when publishing posts

In this video I want to show you few things to keep in mind when publishing your own or someone else's praise reports.

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Examples of course and lesson abbreviations used as tags, this will also depend on your Language, these are the ENG abbreviations:

Use the course abbreviation with the lesson number, for example FAL1 or LAL5.

Wise Woman: WW
Facing Divorce Again: FDA
Homeschooling 4 Him: H4H
Finding the Abundant Life: FAL
Living the Abundant Life: LAL
Poverty Mentality: PM
Moving Mountains: MM
Salvation Stories: SS
Living Lessons: wLL
Wise Woman in Waiting: WWW
Wise Woman 4 His Princess: WW4HP
Wise Man 4 His Prince: WM4HP

2 thoughts on “Blog Ministering: Tips when publishing posts”

  1. Thank you dear Adina, for reminding us of the super important details in our post.
    Much love to you🌷

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