Web Scouts Build into COMMENTS

I am so excited to see that the more we/I follow the principle/promise “No one lights a lamp 🪔 and then hides it or puts it under a basket 🧺. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where its light can be seen by all who enter the house, those who come may see the light.” L1133
And change course by not heading “underground” to share something that needs fixing or anything else—we are conditioned to go WhatsApp, Telegram, our Monday.com board, or tag someone in Google Drive—that there are ENDLESS blessings that continue to flow!!
Like this https://rmiou.com/radd/#comment-38
Usually, I’d actually FIX this, but now that I have been given the blessing of MINISTERING, I need to step back from the ADministering slippery slop since He’s set me FREE and has given me the “Desires of my Heart” THANKS to an amazing, anointed http://loveatlast.org/about/ministry-team/

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