He wants us to stop hiding our lamps

Where He is leading us is amazing!! He is showing us not to have anything to be underground anymore, we want everyone to see what we are doing so I am posting praise here of the wonderful meeting I had with Erin today and what we discussed. I am asking that ALL of you as ministers comment on my praise with what He is showing you as well. Some of us, like me, are good at doing Admin, but in the end, we were all called here to minister to other women, not just to be administrators, so let’s do that. I am doing this from my computer now, so it will be long, but it is important that you take the time to read it and talk to Him about it.

1) When you use a praise or lesson from someone else, please make sure you mention it at the top of that lesson/praise. Do more than just mention who it is from, write something short on how it touched you so you don’t miss the opportunity to minister.

2) Comment on other praises that touched your heart and use it as an opportunity to minister and to hold up the hands of the lady that posted the praise.

3) We want to move out from under the admin side, it was necessary for a time because we needed to get so many things in place, but all the work we do as administers and even translators means nothing if no one is coming here to be fed.

4) Write praises from you phone so it is no too long and everyone can enjoy the quick praise you give.

Also remember to let Him lead you, to go to the blogs and minister and comment:

The first is of course your LNG blog because there is where your heart lies but also because this is an English Ministry, you also need to make sure to go to these blogs to minister:







Ladies, please sit with your Heavenly Husband, comment, and share on what He has shown you through this praise and enjoy being and encouraging woman.

9 thoughts on “He wants us to stop hiding our lamps”

  1. This is EXCELLENT and goes along with what we are going to discuss in our meeting today. This week as our MC “Ministry Director,” you’ll be finding a main Shepherd/Minister who will FAITHFULLY feed His sheep on each blog ALONE but with two who we lovingly ๐Ÿ’— hold up her hands \o/\o/\o/ so that no post is ALONE, always with 2 holding her hands up.

  2. Wow, amazing praise. This is something that I had in my mind for a while, because I have neglected to comment on all the beautiful things that the Lord is doing in our lives!!!
    I love this encouragement and reminder of what He will do for us!! Love this year, this is an amazing start!!!

  3. Thank you so much for this praise! After I saw this but before going to Telegram, He lead me to share the screen with the blogs to the ladies in order for them to see all the blogs that we have available and to start commenting the different posts. For different reasons we were working behind scenes without realizing that in order to minister to others we need to start from our house, which is RMI and I do like how He is leading us to simplify everything more and more.

    1. Yes ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป where are ALL the blogs? They need to be on each weekly menu just like weโ€™ve already added to the bottom of https://encouragingwomen.org/menu-jan-w2/
      Think of it as your way of heading to โ€œworkโ€ every morning. Begin with your ALONE time โ˜•๏ธ with your Darling Beloved you Husband your Maker. Then just pick up your phone and head over to Encouraging Women and then visit everyone EACH of the shepherds/ministers on their website and lender support with comments holding their hands up and the hands of the sheep, especially once they begin to comment and post praise.
      As Yvonne wisely stated if we continue to build and no one comes what is the point? This is why we are seeing this: โ€œSee, I have authorized, appointed, set you, this day over nations and over kingdoms, to pluck up, uproot, root out; to break, tear down, to destroy, to uproot, overthrowโ€”in order to build, rebuild, and firmly plant ๐Ÿชด in solid ground.” J110
      Please please please encourage everyone, all of our ministry team members to show themselves with comments and posted praisesโ€” doing this first. ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’—
      This was posted on telegram group that has 26 members but so far itโ€™s only been to have rallied. ๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป โ€œ hoping against all hope he believedโ€

  4. It is amazing to be more interactive with the blogs, to be able to share your thoughts on a praise and in the process what you share might be just what someone else needed to hear, to ministering to others. Apart from being an excellent way to minister, it also feels like we are more connected to each other and can share in all the amazing things He is doing in each of our lives, be encouraged and built our faith.

  5. So encouraging!!!! I am enjoying being able to come and comment on a praise someone’s post. I also love that now I can simply use my phone to read and also encourage someone daily \o/\o/\o/

  6. So encouraging and enlightning!!! I sometimes read some PR and feel so related to it but hadnยดt share my thought about it. so to beging doing this is great, we get to make others see how His work applies to all.

  7. Our Husband’s ways are truly wonderful! Being able now not only to be encouraged with the blog’s praises but also to be able to comment on them and thus encourage more women in such a light and easy way!!!

  8. I am loving it and excited to not only read it, but to be able to come here and comment on someone else’s post, and so our Beloved speaks to the heart of each one of us, through so much nutritious food that He has always made available for us here .

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