RMIOU Internship Level 4

RPM "Registered Practicing Minister" Β 

Our Registered Practicing Minister are ministers who have

  • Graduated from RMIOU and are ministering in one of our many RMI branchesβ€”
  • As well as completing their Restoration Journey Novel as Aspiring Authors.Β 
  • Each RPM has been working with our internsβ€”to make the final preparations for their own ministry.
  • And finally, each RPM has also completed all required online courses available.

β€’ This level entitles the minister of RMI Prophet Sharing based on the tithes and offerings of the patients under her care.

β€’ The definition of a Registered Practicing Minister is a minister who has graduated from RMIOU and has completed the appropriate residency, proof that their training and competency requirements have been met and have gone above and beyond that minimal standard in a particular specialty or subspecialty by way of extra education and study, and is known by the fruits they have produced.

  • All our Branch Directors are at this level and have completed their Ministry Training.

Once the RMIOU training is complete, both academically and by applying what each has learned within Encouraging Women, both administratively and ministerially, then the minister is already working fully Β in her own ministry online and/or locally as a:


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