Adding the latest comments on your widgets of your blog

Praise the Lord, when I read Erin’s message on whether there is a way to display the latest comments, I did not think this was possible, but He led Erin to read something and post a screenshot for us, and then it was so light and easy to follow His lead.

This way you will see what comments came in and you can participate in what is being said. I am so amazed. If you ever want to do this for your WordPress Site, here is how:

2 thoughts on “Adding the latest comments on your widgets of your blog”

  1. Thank you Yvonne for sharing your video about the Widgets for comments. I am so happy to inform you and everyone who is working in a site that the course has been added to the page as a course and if you would like to find it in the page,
    just go to the following link in order to see it:,Instructors,-~%C2%A0Yvonne%C2%A0in

    Thank you as well for teaching us how to upload this widget to the sites we are responsible for inside RMI. I was able myself with His help to add it to Hope at Last blog.

  2. Love it!! The way you teach it makes it so easy to understand!!! I am so happy that I am learning so many useful tips on WP.
    Comments really light up a post!!
    Thank you so much!!

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